Trusted to Participate in Youth and Religious Moderation Training

Eco Bhinneka Youth Camp 2023 in Singkawang, West Kalimantan

In Pontianak, West Kalimantan, changes were felt by the SEKA Community (Sahabat Eco Bhinneka). This change occurred especially when they were involved in carrying out Youth Camp, Eco Speak, Ngoka, and Writing Training activities in 2023. According to Titah Saputri, Regional Staff of the Eco Bhinneka Muhammadiyah Program in Pontianak, where she is also part of the SEKA community, the type of change that has felt that there has been an increase in the capacity of knowledge and skills in the community.

“The reason for the change is because these four activities have had a positive impact on youth religious actors in the SEKA community,” said Titah. “Youth Camp provides a space for inter-religious encounters and increases enthusiasm for maintaining harmony. We invite them to visit directly the most tolerant city in Indonesia, namely Singkawang Regency,” she added. Apart from that, according to Titah, Eco Speak and Ngoka (Ngobrol Bareng SEKA) were successful work plans initiated by SEKA. This talk show forum, which is allowed to be attended by the public, discusses the environment with competent speakers. Meanwhile, writing training encourages the capacity of SEKA community members to actively write down good practices from the activities they carry out.

“This change contributed to the confidence of various institutions in Pontianak City to involve SEKA in various activities related to youth and religious moderation, for example, we were invited by the Ministry of Religion and BAWASLU,” said Titah. Even though this has given rise to lots of other interesting ideas and activities for the SEKA community, members of the SEKA community still need to train to become more competent individual change-makers, so that the SEKA community can continue to be active and can always continue the spirit of maintaining inter-religious harmony in Pontianak through an environmental approach.

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