Becoming a Mediator of Inter-Religious Conflict within the Family

Pindo Kartika Fitri, a young woman from young Protestant friends, just joined SEKA at 2023

In Pontianak, West Kalimantan, change was felt by a young religious actor named Pindo Kartika Fitri. This change occurred when this young woman from young Protestant friends just joined SEKA (Friends of Eco Bhinneka) in 2023. According to her, the type of change she felt was related to her understanding. She admitted that previously she only had a limited understanding of other religions that she had never encountered before, and now his insight is more open in responding to diversity.

The reason for this change, according to Pindo, was because he had the opportunity and experience to know and understand religious diversity better. “This change has had a positive impact on my personal life and contributed to harmony in my family,” she said. “I apply this understanding in everyday life,” she added. For example, she continued, that when a conflict occurred in her family which was triggered by a dispute between family members who had different religions and views, she was able to address the conflict in his family openly and mediate between the parties involved.

In the future, this SEKA member wants to deepen her religious teachings regarding respect for fellow humans. In this way, she hopes to become an individual who can bring positive change to her environment, overcome conflict, and open the door for better interfaith dialogue.

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