Eco Bhinneka Promoting Tolerance through Srawung Carito and Iftar in Surakarta

Picture : Srawung Carito and Iftar in Surakarta

Eco Bhinneka Surakarta held Srawung Carito and Iftar with Surakarta Interfaith Youth Community on Sunday March 17th, 2024 at Solo’s Bistro. This event aims to establish friendship between religious communities and as a forum for increasing tolerance during the holy month of Ramadan.

More than 40 community representatives from various backgrounds also enlivened this event, such as representatives of Muslims from various mass organizations, Christians, Catholics, Hindus, Buddhists, Confucians, disabled communities, environmental communities and the general public. 

Picture : Srawung Carito and Iftar in Surakarta

On this occasion, Sunarbawa as a Buddhist figure appreciated this event. “The moment of Ramadan does not only belong to Muslims, but Buddhists also feel the blessings of Ramadan,” he said.

Likewise, Mahasri as Chair of the ‘Aisyiyah Surakarta City Regional Leadership felt happy to attend this activity. “The wisdom of Ramadan is how every human being can maintain good relations between religious communities,” she said.

Author : Uswa
Editor : Dama

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