About Us

Muhammadiyah initiated a program aimed to sustain harmony by inviting interfaith actors to work together to preserve the environment. This program is known as “Eco Bhinneka”. "Eco" comes from the word ecology which means the interaction between living things with other living things and also with the surrounding environment. Meanwhile, "Bhinneka" comes from the values of the Indonesian nation, namely Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, which means that although they are different, they are still united.

The Eco Bhinneka program is a form of Muhammadiyah support for the Joint Initiative for Strategic Religious Action (JISRA). JISRA is a consortium whose members consist of various faith-based, interfaith, and other organizations that together want to encourage the realization of Freedom of Religious or Belief/FoRB in 7 countries: Ethiopia, Iraq, Kenya, Mali, Nigeria, Uganda, and Indonesia. In Indonesia, there are 10 institutions implementing the JISRA. One of the organizations that implements this is the Muhammadiyah Organization.

In driving Eco Bhinneka activities, Muhammadiyah partners with various religious actors as agents of change that aim to create a peaceful and just society, so that everyone can enjoy the freedom to practice their religion and belief. Eco Bhinneka Muhammadiyah wants to involve especially youth and women's groups from various backgrounds in religious organizations, to build awareness and knowledge of the importance of religious community "ta'awun" (mutual help) to prevent the climate crisis which causes environmental damage.

Muhammadiyah believes that environmental issues will bring together all parties to carry out joint actions, due to environmental damage is an issue of global concern. As the Khalifah (leader) on earth, a more sustainable perspective and way of life are urgently needed so that mankind, regardless of their background, can maintain their life on earth.

This program is implemented through 3 approaches, there are through activities within their own community (Intra-Religious), with other religious communities (Inter-religious), and with other non-religious actors (Extra-religious) including the government and society in general. Various activities of Eco Bhinneka, include training, workshops, forming forums or groups, and carrying out joint actions, as well as publications in the media.

The Eco Bhinneka Program is now implemented in 4 (four) regions: Pontianak (West Kalimantan), Ternate (North Maluku), Surakarta (Central Java), and Banyuwangi (East Java). The Central Board of Nasyiatul Aisyiyah (PPNA), an autonomous Muhammadiyah organization whose members are young women, is Muhammadiyah's partner in managing the implementation of the Eco Bhinneka program in Surakarta (Central Java) and Banyuwangi (East Java). Further information about Eco Bhinneka activities can be found on the website ecobhinnekamuhammadiyah.org, or the Instagram: @ecobhinneka, @ecobhinneka.kalbar, @ecobhinnekamuhammadiyahternate, @ecobhinneka_solo, and @ecobhinneka.banyuwangi.