Enthusiastic on Preparing a Peaceful General Election Process

Mei Rina, third from the right, wears glasses and a black hem.

In Surakarta, Central Java, Mei Rina admitted that she felt a change after participating in Eco Bhinneka activities. The young woman who is currently active on the Board of a Youth Christian organization in Surakarta joined Eco Bhinneka in 2022. When she first joined, Mei Rina tended to be passive, rarely responding to conversations in the Eco Bhinneka WhatsApp group, and rarely attending activities.

She felt this change when he was confirmed as part of the environmental division in the Sederek Eco Bhinneka community, a community formed by Eco Bhinneka in Surakarta as a meeting forum for interfaith youth and women throughout Surakarta.

In the last three months, Mei Rina was very enthusiastic about her activities, and even initiated activities to promote the upcoming 2024 General Election running peacefully. She also successfully lobbied Bawaslu (Election Supervisory Body) and Gema Forum for Religious Harmony (FKUB) Surakarta to attend as the speaker for the activity. The reason for this change, according to Mei Rina, was that she began to accept the presence of the Eco Bhinneka program because the perception of Islamic organizations which had previously been rigid began to change to become more open and pleasant. In the future, she wants to be more actively involved in movements that promote religious harmony and peace in the community of Surakarta, through various fun activities for young people.

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