Eco Bhinneka

Sustaining Harmony

Nurturing the Nature

Muhammadiyah initiated a program that aims to build a resilient and inclusive interfaith community to support Freedom of Religion or Belief (FoRB) through environmental preservation activities. The program called Eco Bhinneka
Eco Bhinneka



As the slogan of the Indonesian nation: 'Bhinneka Tunggal Ika'


Eco Bhinneka

Loving the Nature

Together let's keep nature more sustainable.

About Eco Bhinneka

Muhammadiyah initiated a program that aims to build a resilient and inclusive interfaith community to support Freedom of Religion or Belief (FoRB) through environmental preservation activities. The program called Eco Bhinneka


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What We Do

Together with our partners, we carry out awareness raising, capacity training, and encourage joint action among interfaith communities in preserving the environment.

Awareness Raising

Religious communities are aware of and understand the environmental problems that occur around them. Then based on their beliefs they will be able to carry out change movements so that the environment remains sustainable.

Capacity Training

Religious communities practice increasing their knowledge capacity and skills in planning, managing activities, and voicing ideas. Among other things, through Training of Trainers (TOT), Media Management Workshops, Cultural Festivals, and forming a Youth Community that cares about the harmony and environment.

Joint Action

Religious communities work together to solve environmental problems in their regions, through various interesting activities. Such as: walking around the rivers and cleaning the rivers, planting trees in places of worship while cycling, recycling single-use plastics as handicrafts, and holding a friendly camp while cleaning the beach. How exciting!


What did they say about Eco Bhinneka?

We need to unite hand in hand regardless of religion, ethnicity, or culture, to reduce global warming, because this is a threat to all of us. Let us unite in protecting the earth.

Anwar Abbas
Chairman of the Central Board of Muhammadiyah, who is in charge of the Environment

We have to start doing small things and transmit them. Because this one small step will save the earth. For example, we have to start sorting waste in our own homes, carrying tumblers wherever we go, using items that we can use over and over again.

Azrul Tanjung
Chairman of the Environment Council of the Central Board of Muhammadiyah

We can build peacebuilding with an environmental approach. Let's set it so that our earth is cool, including the people we are also cool.

Hening Parlan
Program Director of Eco Bhinneka Muhammadiyah

We can learn the wisdom of local people, and how they take care of the attitudes built by our ancestors to respect nature. Let's build awareness that I am part of you (nature), and you (nature) are part of me.

Binsar Jonathan Pakpahan
Pastor from Huria Kristen Batak Protestan (HKBP)

We call on all parties to work together, have healthy competition in this movement, and welcome important contributions from other religious groups. If each of us offers the best, then we can see a way out of these difficulties.

Romo Ignatius Ismartono
Pastor in the Sahabat Insan organization

Often we hear bad news about pluralism in Indonesia, whether it's Islamophobia or racial issues. Therefore, as ummah and members of this Republic, it is important for us to build collective energy to push for change. The Eco Bhinneka movement is a good idea and an alternative approach to caring for pluralism.

Ismail Hasani
SETARA Institute

When many people talk about inter-faith dialogue, Eco Bhinneka dares to step into what is called inter-faith cooperation. Inter-faith cooperation is becoming a reality, where religious people do not only dialogue but work together to solve common problems.

Abdul Mu’ti
Secretary General of Central Board of Muhammadiyah Program Advisor Eco Bhinneka

I hope that Eco Bhinneka will become an entry point for religious people to strengthen bonds of brotherhood by interacting with each other between different religious groups in protecting the environment.

Mutiara Pasaribu
The Country Coordinator of JISRA Indonesia


Synergy with partners is one of the keys to the success of the Eco Bhinneka program.
Together, let's preserve our beloved earth

Let's join us!

With Eco Bhinneka Muhammadiyah, let's create a peaceful world for all.
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