Sustaining Harmony

Nurturing the Nature

Muhammadiyah initiated a program that aims to build a resilient and inclusive interfaith community to support Freedom of Religion or Belief (FoRB) through environmental preservation activities. The program called Eco Bhinneka.


What We Do

We proudly provide a broad array of trainings and workshops on environment conservation (Eco-Bhinneka) in 4 regions in Indonesia that have religious diversity

Compiling an In-depth Study

Reviewing the conditions and problems of Freedom of Religion and Belief (FoRB) presented in 4 work areas, to get an overview of the opportunities, challenges, strengths and strategies for program implementation.

Building an interfaith community that cares about the environment

JISRA Muhammadiyah will develop a series of Eco-Bhinneka guides or modules and carry out Eco-Bhinneka training and workshops by involving interfaith youth, religious leaders, and women.

Increasing the Capacity of Staff and Partners Program

Staff & Partners will attend a series of trainings and workshops to increase their capacity in achieving JISRA's goals, through intra, inter, and extra-religious activities, and they are expected to be able to sort by type of capacity, as well as determine lobbying and advocacy.

Where We Work

We organize various training and workshops on the preservation of the environment (Eco-Diversity) in the 4 region in Indonesia has a diversity of religious

Kota Pontianak

Kalimantan Barat

Kota Ternate

Maluku Utara

Kota Surakarta

Jawa Tengah


Jawa Timur


Muhammadiyah is one of the JISRA implementing local partner institutions in the Faith to Action Network (F2A) consortium, as well as partnering with Central Board of Nasyiatul Aisyiyah (PPNA) and Fatayat NU (Nahdlatul Ulama) West Java